Bloodline Training: Hell Reaping Jutsu!

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Bloodline Training: Hell Reaping Jutsu!

Post  Sentó on Mon Jun 07, 2010 11:11 am

Sitting in the temple of grief Sento closes his eyes and focuses his chakra through out his body. " i need some motivation" Sento setts the chamber of Shurikens to fire at him in 30 seconds

"that should be fine" he puts both hands to the side like his about to start jump and sweat dripping from his head he starts to summon the dark chakra from within him. the room starts to get hot and the floor starts the shake. judging the shurikens have 15 seconds to fire. Sento slowly breathes in and out and brings his hands together when just as his about to clap his hands together the shurikens fire!

but with the nick of time the ground opens the Hellreaver appears and the handle of the Polearm weapon deflects all the incoming shuriken. Sento lets out a gasp and the sweat on from his head fall onto the floor and creaps through the wooden floor board.

from below his Sentos Aunt shouts "give it a rest you've been at it for hours"

smiling at himself Sento whispers yes but now i can finnaly do it and i need to be able to maintain my chakra while doing it.

Sento goes at it again this time no Motivation from the shredding shurikens. He focuses his chakra in the wall in front of him and claps his hands HELL REAPING JUTSU! in half the time it took him last time. this time the wall cracked and out came the sword that made many people scared of his clan the HellReaver. he then tried to summon his poisonous chakra but its no use he still cannot maintain his chakra and is dry from using the Hell reaping.

"hmmm now that i have that in the bag after 7months of practise is time for my Graduation."

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