Jutsu Training: Dragon Howl

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Jutsu Training: Dragon Howl

Post  Nasuke on Tue Jun 08, 2010 2:25 am

Nasuke sat on top of the nine foot tree by his house. The house was on a steep hill because his family loves feeling the wind in their faces. Nasuke breathes in and out evenly as he sat on the tree and the wind started to blow around him in a form of rotation. Nasuke lets out a breath and the wind stops. Nasuke jumps down and unsheathes his sword. He loves his sword, his sword is a beautifully forged steel sword with a reverse blade so it would not cut people.

Nasuke sighed and grabbed the handle of his blade and tries to unsheathe it at a rapid speed but he slips and halfway out of the sheath, it falls back into the sheath, causing a loud sound to ring. Nasuke cringes from the sound but gains an idea because of it. Nasuke dug into his pockets and pulled out some earplugs he uses when his parents bug him too much about stuff and puts them in his ears. Nasuke grabbs his handle and unsheathes the sword halfway at a rapid pace then just sheathes it just as fast, causing an even louder sound and even a small shockwave that blows away some small rocks near nasuke. "oh i got it" Nasuke grabs the handle once more and channels his chakra into his sword while it is still sheathed then unsheathes it halfway at high speed then resheathes it, not losing any speed. The second the hilt touched the sheath, a powerful shockwave erupted from the sheath, sending everything within a 20 feet of nasuke flying down the hill. Nasuke gives a satisfied smile and takes out his earplugs. "that was amazing, i call this technique, dragon howl!"

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Re: Jutsu Training: Dragon Howl

Post  Guest on Tue Jun 08, 2010 8:37 am

Nice, aproved.


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