Kekegenki training

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Kekegenki training

Post  Shonzo on Wed Jun 09, 2010 1:59 pm

Shonzo was walking through the leaf village when he saw a tight circle group. They all appeared to be chunin. Shonzo had no intention of stopping to join their childish games until... One of them approached and stood in his way. Shonzo at first tried to be curt and side stepped him but the stranger followed. What did he want?

Shonzo tried to jump over him but the chunin was able to out jump him.

''May I help you'' Shonzo said

''I have heard that you have quite a good natural talent. Me and my friends want to see if its true. By the way. were not asking.''

Although Shonzo was beginning to doubt this persons ability as a ninja he followed to the little circle. A boy just left with a bloody nose. The boy in the center of the ring didnt look like much of a challenge.

He stepped into the circle.

''Only using blood line attacks and ninja equipment. Jutsu allowed.''

Without any other signs that a battle was about to proceed two shuriken just sliced his left arm. He looked as a shadow appeared to be stretching toward him. Then. He was stuck.

''This is my shadow imitation jutstu''

The idiot. He didn't think to gather Intel on an opponent before fighting. He laughed at the newb mistake. Shonzo instantly increased the amount of calcium in his bones. His enemy reached behind his back and so did he. What? He drew kuni. Of course. He had it somewhere regular ninja don't keep their kuni. Shonzo began to raise his arm to aim as his opponent did. What would he do? Click! As he threw his kuni Shonzo threw bone pellets. Seeing as the aiming was already done he didn't need to bother. He had fired five. One collided with the kuni and the others Hit his opponent. He dropped. The grip on his was realsed as medical ninja were called. Seeing as nobody seemed to know him Shonzo fled


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Re: Kekegenki training

Post  Shikei on Sat Jun 12, 2010 8:00 am

OP, you coudltn raise ur arm in shadow posesion - SHADOW P O S S E S S I O N - and stop with the milk

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