Information about missions

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Information about missions

Post  Shikei on Thu Jun 03, 2010 11:09 am

Missions are similar to quests in a way, you just make a topic about them, and then if they suit the stantard for the rank of the mission, then it is accepted. The money earnt from these missions is given to the Hokage who then uses that towards the village. Missions come in ranks, i will explain now:

- A-Rank
These missions are done by Jounin rank ninjas and usually include important tasks including assassinations, escorting important people..etc.

- B-Rank
These are completed by Chuunin rank ninjas.

- C-Rank
These are completed mostly by Chuunins but are sometimes done by Genins.

- D-Rank
This is the lowest class mission that can be completed and are usually done by Genins. These missions are usually small priority.

To start of, we will be adding a small amount of missions every now and then for the genin ranks due to the point that there wont be any other rank at the moment.

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