C-Rank Missions - Completed by Genin and above

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C-Rank Missions - Completed by Genin and above

Post  Shikei on Tue Jun 15, 2010 8:37 am

Here i will constantly apdate with any new missions

Untouchable Bandit

What the?! He cannot get touched, you wont be able to get near him, but there much be a trick he is using to do this. He is a weak bandit, but you have to get past his weird Jutsu. Long range Jutsu may help...Or maybe not.

Any Village

Stolen Kunai

Evil deeds never stop do they...Some ninja have broken into the academy and stolen some Kunai which sould be used for training. Get these back before the next day comes and the small Ninjas wont have anything to train from.

Leaf Village (Land of Fire)

Scout Out

A training task was stated in the Land of Earth, but no one knows whether this is a training excersise or a trick to infiltrate another village. Seek out and report back your findings.

Requires a Team of 2 or more members, Extra is A Sensei (Must have a Sensei)

Iwagakure (Land of Earth)

Chunin Exam Helper

Unfortunately, some Ninjas havent shown up for the latest Chunin exam, so a proctor has asked you to scout out these 2 missing genin and return them to the arena. You have 5 mins or they wont be able to do it.

Leaf Village (Land of Fire)

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