D-Rank Missions - Completed by any Rank

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D-Rank Missions - Completed by any Rank

Post  Shikei on Thu Jun 03, 2010 11:25 am

Here i will constantly update with any new missions:

The Cats out of the Bag

The Land of Waves Feudal Lord has lost her cat. It is known to be in a small forest, so it wont be that hard to find. Catch the cat and hand it back to the Feudal Lord.
"Please find my fuzzy wuzzy cat star, without my precious cat i dont know what i will do!"

Land of Water

The trees of Hope

Your mission here is to plant some trees is the recently place where a small amount of trees were cut down. You will only need to plant around 6 small trees, so it shouldnt be a big problem. The enviroment needs to be kept to perfection.

Hidden leaf village (Fire Country)

Training with an amateur

A man has come along and asked that a ninja train with his son. His son really wants to become a ninja, but needs so know how a real one trains. Your mission is to train with this kid, but dont show him any vicious moves, or hurt him in any way. Just simple stuff like chucking kunai and excersise.

Any Location

Climbing for a ball

A few kids have managed to lose their ball...ontop of a mountain! Somehow they did it, but it seems they will keep on crying until some ninjas accept the mission, and climb the large mountain in order to get their ball.

Hidden leaf village (Fire country)

Help at hand!

Help a few builders finish off the last quarter of a small building, you will be carrying heavy objects when handing it to them, be careful!

Any country

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