Clan application template

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Clan application template

Post  Shikei on Wed Jun 02, 2010 9:37 am

Clan Name: (Read it..What is your clans name?)

Members: (Are there more members in it, or are you the last one? If more members, then newly created characters can choose to be in this clan.)

Bloodline: (Clans should have a bloodline, read in the character creation template to see what bloodlines are. You dont have to have a bloodline if you dont want to.)

Burden/Weakness: (You have to have atleast 1 weakness or burden to your clan. An example could be the hyuga clans curse mark, or the uchiha clans overuse of the sharingan.)

History: (What happened to make this clan come to be. Was there a war that left you the only one left, or is there a few survivors like the Uchiha clan?)

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