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Character Application

Post  Shikei on Wed Jun 02, 2010 9:01 am

Name: (cmon...isnt this the most obvious part of the application?)

Age: (Well, near the 12 age mark, you are starting at the academy afterall!))

Bloodline: (This is your Kekei Genkai, a bloodline trait where you have a special ability. An example is Negi Hyugas Byakugan, or Haku's crystal ice mirrors.)

Gender: (Hmm..the most trickiest part of the application)

Bio: (Just a short intro to who you are, history and stuff)

Appearance: ( You can describe yourself or just simply insert a picture here to show what you look like)

Personality: (Lazy, selfish or even stubbon...Up to you my friend!)

Ability: (You can have one ability, or custom ability which you can make in the Jutsu creation zone. This can only be tier 3, so that means that it isnt OP and will be fair among the other players. An example of this can be sasuke's fireball jutsu.)

Item: (You can start of with one item, it cannot be very powerful, just something simple like a food pill, or a piece of clothing that is special to you in some way, like an extra guarded headband for example.)

Other: (Anything else that comes to mind...Huh?)

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