Fusokufuri's Graduation Test

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Fusokufuri's Graduation Test

Post  Fusokufuri on Sat Jun 19, 2010 3:18 pm

Fusokufuri enters the test hall showing no emotions at all to anyone; he sits down in the seat not loosing his cool for any reason at all just to show that he actually meant business. He waited approximately 2 hours till he was called up by the examiner. Fusokufuri had one good look at him before he entered another big hall with him.
??? Jounin: Okay now we begin with our fight to judge your graduation; remember the point of this match isn't to beat me but show me your skills and your full potential.
Fusokufuri: A Fight? Okay can do!
With lightning fast speed Fusokufuri went behind the Jounin showing no emotions quickly hitting the Jounin with Mushoku MasuKadou; the Jounin was blasted off by the intense move but as he saw a log appear instead of the Jounin you could see a sign of disappointed however it was easily hidden by Fusokufuri. The Jounin appeared at the top of the staircase in the hall staring down at him;
??? Jounin: Disappointed it seems
Fusokufuri: Seems they don't call you a Jounin for nothing; however I'm not giving up yet
Fusokufuri thought in his head; Easier said then done I can only use that move in a match once because of it's restriction. Fusokufuri lightning fast yet again appeared behind the Jounin with a Kunai at point blank distance; however the Jounin easily dodged it appearing behind him with his own Kunai for a strike. However right before the impact went on he ducked then did a reverse roundhouse kick on his jaw which sent the opponent back a distance however to Fusokufuri's surprise it only left a scratch. The Jounin brushed of his chin then raced towards Fusokufuri starting a deadly combo with an end with a Fireball Jutsu. Fusokufuri was knocked unconscious on the floor. The Jounin thought it was over but it was far from that.
Fusokufuri: Full Body Takeover
Fusokufuri rose up from the ground like a reflex movement; it seemed almost like he was looking down on the Jounin; this he went faster than lightning speed behind the Jounin; this had taken the Jounin by surprise but just enough for the Jounin to put a Kunai to attack Fusokufuri behind him but he was long gone and now yet again behind him then used the Kasai MasuKadou; this time successfully it had connected to the Jounin but luckily for him he barely managed to get away with a burnt and injured leg. The Jounin thought to himself; What the hell? How did this kid get to fast and skilful just now. That was even faster than Jounin speed; what is going on?
Fusokufuri (Possessed): You're wondering what just happened? I'm Fuso I took over Fusokufuri to carry on this battle; good luck defeating me......... with that leg
Fusokufuri yet again appeared behind faster than lightning starting a deadly combo of his own and was about to finish with another Kasai MasuKadou; but suddenly something happened in his body. Fusokufuri (Possessed) thought; Seems I can't last long in this small body with my Jounin skills; seems we'll just have to rely on the things he's seen so far. Fusokufuri dropped to the floor unconscious.
??? Jounin: Seems I'm going to need to keep a close eye on him

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Re: Fusokufuri's Graduation Test

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