The release of the Secret held back...

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The release of the Secret held back...

Post  Shikei on Wed Jun 09, 2010 9:17 am

How mysterious...What is this topic about? If you wanna know that bad, fine, unfortunately this site is going to be shut down...I cant bear being an admin any more, im leaving.

Yeah Right, like i would ever do that. Giving up on this forum is something that isnt in existence, the fun i am having, as well as all of you guys! Its fun being an Admin, but lets get to the point, its time to reveal not only the teams, but also the saga yet to behold its mysterys!

We have been deciding on the teams, and this is the currently status at which they take place:

Team S

Team x

Team y


Team z

Due to there being someone over the team amount, i am allowing Prince Yuri to be able to change his character , and make him either of the same village (Konoha) or from another country, and also they can choose a rank up to Jounin, not to mention 3 of their custom or cannon jutsu.

Lone Wolf
Prince Yuri

If their is any questions on the teams or other things, please PM me or meet me in the chat box if im on. Same thing with other admins, any things you disagree with then do the same.

Now...Onto the Saga...

So then, you follow the anime? Similarities come to its point here, as the next saga will be the team graduation saga. This is different from the genin graduation as you will soon see.
This is basically showing your new Sensei what you are made of, and if you are worthy of being acepted as great Ninja. A mission will be held for each team and they all have to post in a topic that should be made in the new saga forum coming up. I will use a randomiser to choose a mission that you will take, and when i say mission, you could get catch the bells, or even fight the sensei. The Lone Wolf will be set a separate saga which will be included after, plus the Wolf can choose which one they want.

Possible Aquires:

Get the Bells from your Sensei - Survival test
3 on 1 against your sensei
Catch your sensei and then hit him with one of your Jutsu's or Kunai
C Mission : Fight a weak croud of bandits (5 of them)

There maybe more added, so dont be low on these current ones. You can see some are more exiting than others, but its the luck of the draw. Keep in mind, you have to put effort into your posts, and make them as detailed as you possibly can.

Lone Wolf saga choices:

Invade a teams sensei test - The team can help sensei defeat you...Or not (No deaths allowed here)
Invade another village with your own clan or with a group - Not akatsuki or an OP one though.

Questions? Post in the Rules and Help forum if you have any troubles or problems that may arise for you.

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