Awakening Awards

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Awakening Awards

Post  Shikei on Thu Jun 03, 2010 1:47 pm

Awards? You read correctly! I guess it would add abit more exitement to the game if there was more stuff to work towards, so here it is folks, feast your eyes on a variety of awards which will be updated will new ones. Some are easier to get than others, so keep your eyes out for some special awards to come, including member of the month, and even badge awards you can earn by having a certain amount of posts, and more!

Great Will Award
Earned by advertising this forum atleast 2 times - Proof needed

'Thanks for helping me' Award
Earned by helping other members more than 5 times

Sufficient Poster Award
Earned by having more than 100 posts

Shadow Clone Post
Earned by writing a post which has more than 2,000 Words in it

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