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Veddy nara

Post  Veddy Nara on Tue Jul 06, 2010 9:56 pm

Name: Veddy Nara

Age: 13 and a half (Sorry like to be technical with character ages =P)

Bloodline: Shadow Element

Gender: Male

Bio: Veddy's childhood was rough. At the age of 5 his mother was killed on a solo A rank assignment. It turned out that a ninja from the hidden mist killed her in order to try to kill the Raikage. Of course it was a failure and he had to flee the hidden cloud. Veddy and his father, Naisu Nara were devastated at these news. It was especially hard for Veddy for they were very close. For 3 years he was sad. He trained with his father and played shogi with him. But not once did he smile or laugh in those 3 years. He was full of anger and blood lust for the ninja he learned was named Kisuke Chishio. He wanted to kill him so much for taking his mother, who was very precious to him, so much that it ached in the day, and made it hard for him to sleep at night. But one day he met a Chuunin named Koi. She was very kind to Veddy as if he were her own brother. He was comforted. For a while he lost the feeling of revenge. They hung out every day, and he learned many things from her like tales of the past heroes of the Hidden Cloud Village. Of course though one day at the age of 9. He heard that Koi was killed as well in a B rank mission by the same man who killed his Mother, Kisuke Chishio. Veddy was sad. He spent the night, in his bed. He was filled in emptiness and despair. He mourned the loss of Koi who he had thought of like his own big sister and him her kid brother. His father sat next to him. They talked about Koi, which made Veddy feel a little better. Then the next day he started his training once more at the academy. He was training harder then ever to become a ninja that from that point on so he could protect the ones closest to him.


Personality: mature, determined, funny, nice, and show off.

Ability: Shadow Possession Jutsu

Item: Katana (like in avatar)

Other: Don't piss him off or he'll get bloodthirsty and you'll be in a world of hurt. No Joke. 0-0 (Oh and do you start at genin or Academy Students?

Veddy Nara

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