Daichi Uchiha

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Daichi Uchiha

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Gender: Male

Bio: Daichi is one of the few still remaining unknown Uchiha members with power that is not all that great. He trains constantly and is a great adversary but really its not much different from all the other Uchiha members which is amazing. He was born secretly in the leaf and not much of a hstory. He had been kept scret from the world and now its his time to shine.

Appearance: Avatar is my appearance.

Personality:ENERGETIC, Rarely ever shows any emotion around others so watch closely he may crack a smile when you're not lookin'.

Ability:Sharingan 1 tomoe and 2 tomoe. (You can have one ability, or custom ability which you can make in the Jutsu creation zone. This can only be tier 3, so that means that it isnt OP and will be fair among the other players. An example of this can be sasuke's fireball jutsu.)

Item: Specail double bladed kunai.

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