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Noriko Yamauchi

Post  Noriko on Thu Jun 17, 2010 8:29 am

Name: Noriko Yamauchi

Age: 12

Bloodline: None

Gender: Female

Bio: Where to begin? The Yamauchi clan came to Konohagakure from the Land of Earth as refugees of the Second Great Ninja War. At the time the clan was very small and made up of farmers, not ninja. It was only at Konoha, where Earth jutsus are quite uncommon, that the clans’ ninja potential was recognised. Focusing mainly on strength and power the Yamauchi soon made a name for themselves as quite difficult opponents and their skills were put to good use during the Third Great Ninja War in which they earned the trust and respect of their fellow leaf nins.

To put it bluntly, Noriko is a tomboy. How else was she supposed to survive in a household with 3 older brothers? Boys will be boys and fights are bound to occur, especially in a household that holds physical strength so highly, and none of her siblings went lightly on Noriko just because of her gender. It was kill or be killed and she loved it. Noriko hates anything she deems as “girly” and had much preferred throwing mud as "one of the boys" than playing dolls with the other girls in the village.

Noriko could not be exactly like her siblings, however. While her brothers grew tall and strong Noriko...didn’t. While her brothers mastered numerous Earth jutsu’s that required extreme might and power...Noriko couldn’t. As hard as she tried and as much as she trained Noriko couldn’t gain the amount of brute strength required for the jutsus’ her father, and soon her brothers, were known for. Instead she was forced to settle for a more “feminine” style taught to her by her Aunt, and oh how she hated this. In truth, Noriko has great potential in stealth and agility due to her small size, and would probably make a great hunternin when older, but she is so single minded in becoming stronger physically and being able to do the same style of jutsus as the rest of her family and basically ignores anything else, that her potential is greatly un-nurtured.

Appearance: Much to her incredible annoyance, Noriko is short for her age (almost a head smaller than most in her class) and no matter how hard she tries she can’t seem to rid herself of the “cute” label. She has long green hair that she ties in 2 buns so that she has the appearance of short hair without having to go to a stupid girly hairdresser.

(I know the pic is sort of low quality and...not very good. It took me ages to find a pic that looked even remotely like what I had in mind so I had to make do with what I had...Razz)

Personality: Stubborn, short-tempered, brash, rebellious, loud. All words that describe Norikos’...temperament. Because of her small stature, Noriko is constantly trying to counteract her appearance by acting as large and tough as possible. Because of this she can come across as being obnoxious...possibly because she is. Noriko is not against punching someone in the face that insults her...or do something she doesn’t like...or looks at her funny...or doesn’t look at her funny...the point is that she is in no way against violence. If she was hokage every political issue would be solved by punching the messenger in the face. She is also prone to insulting people, although she is incredibly bad at doing so. Her favourite insult at the moment is “Dufus face” which she sees as being incredibly witty.

Ability: Earth Treadmill: Moves the ground under the opponent. Can be used to make the opponent unstable but can also be used to control where the opponent is. (Do I post a full description here or in Jutsu thread?)

Item: The 2 bows in her hair were given to her by her father after he returned from a mission once in Iwa. He explained to her that he vaguely remembered his grandmother tying her hair with a similar bow so when he saw them in an Iwa market place he had to get a pair. Though Noriko think that look entirely too girly and she suspects that her father just made up the story so that she would even consider wearing that entirely too girly, she still wears them as her display of family pride

Other: If you really want to get Noriko angry, call her "seaweed". Plagued with this nickname all throughout her academy years, not just by students but also from her family, it is sure to cause more than a little reaction. She got this name because of her hair colour and unfortunate name (Noriko can be translated to mean "Seaweed child"). Though her parents probably thought it was funny at the time, Noriko is not laughing.

((Okay, so I'm posting this just past midnight here(in Australia) so I'm sorry if there are any glaring mistakes that I didn't notice. This is going to be the first time Naruto rpging. I'm not sure how active I can be at the moment 'cause I'm in the middle of exams (yay) but I will try...Also, I keep accidently spelling her name Norkio Shocked. I’ll have to get used to this... ))


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Re: Noriko Yamauchi

Post  Shikei on Thu Jun 17, 2010 9:03 am

Approved, pretty cool app, very detailed, i enjoyed reading this. I look forward to rp'ing with you! Ok to start of you can go to 'Recent Sagas' and then look at some of the Academy graduations. You should post in your own graduation and ill see if it should be a pproved or not. Only an average paragraph will do.

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