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Chunin exam Helper - Shikei Style

Post  Shikei on Tue Jun 15, 2010 4:23 pm

This was set a day before the sound attacking the village

Shikei was going with his mum today to watch the chunin exams, boring. That was his thoughts anyway, but pass that. As he sat down he nearly fell asleep, but his Mum hushed him back awake again, and he sat staring an an arena with several people. He Mum spoke.
"Hey hun, watch carefully as youll be there soon and ill be watching you from above, Maybe you can be as good as your brother!"

Shikei smiled and realised what she said was true, and he looked in the arena. Luckily he was in the front seats and listened to what the proctor said, even though it was quite quiet.
"Hmm, we seem to be missing two people, Hyulie and Shinsui."
Shikei knew Shinsui and where he was, but not Hyulie, so he decided to go down and help. His mum tried to stop him but she failed.

"Hey i know where Shinsui is, and i might be able to find Hyulie whilst im at it."
"What the?! Kid, your supposed to be in the crowd...but...I guess i could use your help. Ok, find those two and i might give you something in return."

Shikei run out of the arena and noticed he had 5 minutes until the exams started. Shinsui, he was on a bench near the Ichiraku Ramen store, he remembered that clearly. As he got there he saw him still asleep, and he tried to wake him up. Nope, not a chance, he wasnt going to wake up no matter what Shikei did. An idea popped in his head.
"Well if you wont wake up, then i wont wake you"

Shikei performed the Shadow Possession Jutsu and it caught Shinsui. There wasnt any resistance because he was asleep, so he ran to the arena with Shinsui following. When he got there the proctor praised him and looked at his watch.
"Well, thats something that suprised me. The Nara clans pretty cool, but you have 3 minutes to find Hyulie or she wont be participating."

Shikei charged Chakra in his foot and shot out of the arena looking for Hyulie. He didnt have a clue where she was, but he decided to ask someone nearby. Who was this person? It was none other than his brother Shikamaru.
"Heys Shik's, you seen Hyulie around anywhere? I need to get her or else she will miss the exam"

Shikamaru scratched his head and looked down at his Little brother.
"What a drag...I cant believe you have to make me think, i was on my way to bed, but now you mention it i saw her just a minute ago, she was walking with someone down that alley. By the way, dont call me Shik's..."

Shikei sniggered as he ran off down the alley, and there he spotted Hyulie, and this man Shikamaru ha told him about. He had a Kunai up to her, and he didnt waste any time. He used his Shadow Possession Jutsu and created some clones, the clones went up and grabbed his and took his Kunai off him and then he stopped the possession. He grabbed Hyulie and ran for it just as he noticed a headband with the sound logo falling of his head. What the...The sound ninja?

As he ran to the arena, the doors were closed, and two chunin at the door stopped entry.
"Sorry we cannot allow you through, not without a good excuse anyway"
Shikei told them about what happened with the sound ninja holding her back and threatening her, and luckily, they let them both through into the arena.
"Hey, i found Hyulie, she was held back by a Sound Ninja threatening her. Everything is ok now, i left some of my Shadow Clones to pulverise him, i couldnt really waste any time"

The proctor nodded and told Hyulie to get into the line, his eyes then widened and he walked up to Shikei.
"Wait...Sound Ninja? Right, i want you to go report this to the Hokage now, and as for my gift to you i will teach you how to walk on solid objects, vertically. I see you have your Shadow clone Jutsu mastered, so it should be a problem on teaching you."

Shikei jumped on building to the Hokages office and met him there.
"Hey old man, i need to tell you something urgently. A while ago i was helping a proctor by bringing some Genin to him, and my friend Hyulie who was one of them was being thretened by a Sound Ninja. He had a Kunai up to her, and i know it was a sound ninja by his headband."

"Hmm, this is a big problem, thanks for telling me young man, if it wasnt for you, she might be dead, kidnapped or maybe something worse. This could mean an attack on the village, and ill set up guards and anbu stationed around just to be sure. You may be Dismissed.

As he got back to the arena, the proctor was waiting outside for him.
"Ok ive asked Genma to station in inplace of me, hes another Jounin proctor, but anyway, lets get to the point. Shinato, your sensei, told me that if you ever helped me in a way, or when the 'time comes' i should teach you this. I dont know why he couldnt teach you himself but i guess he has alot of missions occuring at the moment. Ok, first of all you simple need to charge chakra to the bottom of your feet, then you need to walk up a wall or tree whilst keeping chakra flowing from your feet in a stable state. You cannot let your guard down or get distracted or else youll fall. Give it a try, ill show you."

Shikei watched as the proctor walked up the wall without any problem. He decided to give it a try. First he charged chakra on the soles of his feet, this was simple as he knew how to do this as he could charge up to run much faster. He had to keep the chakra in balance, and he ran up to the wall and up it, he got to where the proctor was and fell off. The proctor catched him and put him down.
"Dont worry, it takes practice, just keep trying and youll get it."

For the whole day Shikei was practicing, some times he fell and some some he stayed till he got exhausted. He jumped down to the ground and thought to himself. Wow that was some hard work, this is getting quite easy now, i think i can wall run without a problem. I gotta ask that Proctor to teach me more moves! Wait, i dont remember his name..Hey! He didnt even tell me it!

Shinato then appeared on top of the wall.
"Come ere and ill tell you something!"
This scared Shikei for a second but he then ran up the wall and nearly fell of at the top. Shinato grabbed him and pulled him up, and he began to speak.
"I see that Taisei teached you the wall run eh? I was gonna teach you that tomorrow, but thats less work for me anyway!"

"Sensei, your the one who told him to teach me it cause you were busy on missions..."

"Oh...Anyway, i asked the Hokage and he agreed that this could be counted as a C-Rank mission. So you have gained a C point and Learned the wall run technique, nice work. By the way, the Hokage told me about your Sound encountering today, and as i was coming back from a mission, i noticed a group of sound ninja near our village, so you go get some rest and ill wake you up if and when they attack...If they attack that is. Ok, see you later Shikei, get some rest!"

Shinato dissapeared and Shikei ran down the wall again, almost tripping at the last second but managing to regain his control. He headed home, and he was very tired.
"Finally, time for some sleep!"

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