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Post  Shikei on Tue Jun 15, 2010 6:41 am

These are the current entries. Soon i will make a poll on the top three the admins think are good enough, and dont forget not to tell anyone which one is yours, we can find out o.o.

Name: Shocking Impact

Requirements: At least Genin level, takes a large amount of chakra.

Effect: A small area around the opponent's position begins to emit blue light from the ground, before a blue, destructive chakra bursts up through the ground, ripping through the ground and into the air, engulfing the opponent in destructive chakra.

Appearance: Point your hand at the opponent, his palm facing the sky, with two of his fingers out, once he lifts the fingers for a brief moment, the jutsu begins and the destruction happens. Expect an arrogant grin at the same time.

Rank: Genin
Name: Raimo

Requirements: A sheathed sword

Effect: Immoblizes and stuns enemy targets for two turns

Appearance: Grabbing your sword handle, you concentrate lightning and chakra into your sword for one post then dash at your opponent then skid into a crouched positon ten feet from your opponent and quickly unsheathe your sword and slash horizantally, releasing a web of lightning sparks at your opponent that spread up to 30 feet from the release point.

Rank: Chunin and above
Namew:Sould Seal Jutsu

Requirements: an other being, an evil one with a dark, and evil heart and soul.

Effect: This is only to be used in the most serious of time. By preforming a series of hand signs, ypou can transfer the darkness from your opponenets evil soul and Chakra, to your own Chakra. You will become as evil as they were, and theoir own evilness, will cease. This shoudl only be used if you're opponenent is much much more powerful than you, and you have no chance of winning. This Jutsu is an incredable sacrafice.... And as already said, it should only be used in extreme situations.

The evilness will fade away if you experiance a strong emotional lose. (loosing somebody or almost loosing somebody that was close to you as a good guy, or somebthing of the sort.)

Appearance: The area will turn to complete darkness in a second long flash, and a large crackw ill be heard.

Rank: genin.
Name: Journey into the Shadows

Requirements: Half of the Users Max Chakra

Effect: Journey into the Shadows is a Genjutsu technique which causes the ninja's opponent to be enveloped in total darkness. While in the black void, the ninja will be unable to see any incoming attack or threat, it slowly uses up the users chakra and once his/her chakra is used up, they will become paralysed due to overusing this technique.

Appearance: (lol)

Rank: Chunin

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