Self/Clone transformation

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Self/Clone transformation

Post  Shonzo on Wed Jun 09, 2010 2:34 pm

Shonzo was in another battle. He was being beaten pretty badly. Once he had swung for a punch , over balanced and fell. He didn't know exactly what should be done to regain his dignity so he just kept fighting. He then saw his enemy split in half. This was his apparent special jutsu. They all however had trouble turning. Why? He didn't know. Th little minions were powerful though. Every time Shonzo tried to send shadow clones around them they were killed. Shonzo had to think of something. He ran behind a bush. Jumping out he threw two kuni. Suddenly a shuriken buried itself in Shonzo's chest. That area went cold. Suddenly the two kuni he threw exploded in a white cloud

One was the real him. The other, a shadow clone. They quickly shot bone pellets into each of them. Although drained of chakra Shonzo felt pretty good. Or at least he would when the bruising healed


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