Senri's Graduation

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Senri's Graduation

Post  Senri on Tue Jun 08, 2010 2:02 pm

-three chuunins sat down as a boy walked in and bowed to them preparing for his graduation test to make him a genin and he isnt about to fail this test since his brother passed it. he turned facing a training dummy and smiled as he prepared his new jutsu to use and show the others who watched patiently. senri got in a chidori pose and his chakra swirled around his hand then exploded in fire he then ran towards the dummy making the wooden floor under him turn kinda burned under the fenshen as he ran and jumped up at the dummy and slammed his hand into the dummies chest making it turn into a fire ball before the fire goes out the dummy now burnt like a ball park frank hot dog as he turns around and bows to the chuunin who looked at him impressed by senri's speed and talked it over as he waited there looking at them as they talked about his jutsu if it had flaws or if it was truely impressive before they turned to him as they nodded to eachother and were ready to tell him their answer.-

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Re: Senri's Graduation

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