Haruko's Graduation

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Haruko's Graduation

Post  Haruko on Sun Jun 06, 2010 8:51 am

Haruko took a deep breath, and she started training. Graduation was coming up, and she'd learn if she was epic enough to become a Genin. She then ran at a dummy, and she started attacking it. She punched it's face, and she kicked it's stomach. She then punched it's face, and she went around it, and she kicked it's back. She then jumped high into the air, and she used Ice Rapier, and she cut it in half, and cut those pieces into molecules. She then jumped at another dummy, and she cut it's leg off, and she stuck her sword up there. She spun it around, and she ripped him up. She then ran at another dummy, and she threw the sword behind her, and she kicked his stomach repeatedly. She then kicked it's leg, and she then kneed it's face. She then got out her string, and she tied it to his hand. She then ripped the string away, the hand going with it. She then got out a bunch of ice needles, and she used them like claws, ripping him in half, and she cut his head off. She then went to the last dummy, and she was only using her bare hands for this one. She punched his arm, and she kicked his face. She then stepped on it's foot, and she elbowed his face, and she kicked his crotch. She then kicked his back, and punched his stomach when he was coming back. She then threw him into the air, and she jumped behind him, and hit him to the floor, and she fell down faster and kicked his stomach on his return, making a big hole in his side, since that's where her leg hit. She then wiped some sweat off her face, and sat down.
"Thats enough with the dummy's," She said. "I think I earned a break, now all that's left to do is waiit and see if I passed," She said, sitting down.
(I would have done much more, but we're only supposed to do one paragraph)

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Re: Haruko's Graduation

Post  Shikei on Sun Jun 06, 2010 8:53 am


That was a avage graduation lol, i would have to be one of those dummies 'cut those pieces into molecules' ouch xD

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