Training with his Heart

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Training with his Heart

Post  Fusokufuri on Tue Jun 22, 2010 2:53 pm

Fusokufuri was drifting into space at the thought of his Sensei for no apparent reason when he had the thought that he wanted to be as good as his Sensei. He still remembered his Master's battle with the Assassin; he knew he wanted those skills to be his; then finally he got motivated to continue with his trying training.
He started running at full speed non stop to 100 metres then back again till he couldn't do it any more but that just wasn't enough for him; he continued till his legs had started to feel heavy all of a sudden with all of the pressure with the burst every time he left off from the starting position. Last time he did this the maximum he lasted was 6 times without rest but now he knew he had gotten better as he managed 12 without even managing to tire himself out but suddenly stopped as he looked into the distance and could 5 dark figures heading towards his direction. He knew they were looking at him and he definitely knew that Fusokufuri had already seen them; however Fusokufuri just continued with his normal training but this time he did a bigger burst of energy so that this would tire him out more at least also making him go a bit faster than normal as he wanted to speed up his training; he now realised that his speed had also exceeded greatly with that technique he pulled. Another reason definitely would be that by carrying on with his training he knew that he would definitely anger the figures by ignoring their presence. That was exactly what he got; all 5 of the figures furiously threw 5 of their shurikens at Fusokufuri; however with great
stealth he 20 of the shurikens then brought a strip of wire and skilfully put the wire inside the shurikens while they were in mid-air. He then slowly pulling out the shurikens mocking them yet again but showing no emotions threw the shurikens at all 5 of them; he expected then to dodge and so they did while they we close to the shuriken. Only three of them had realised that there was another paper bomb shuriken attached to each of them by the wire however the two that didn't were knocked out by the explosion. He thought carefully that he was actually dealing with smart people here stepped back a little for a little more cautious.
He eyed all three of them but they happened to be in separate directions; one of them appeared fast in front of Fusokufuri but he just plainly ignored them as compared to him the opponent's speed were no match to his. So ninja was closing in on him with a punch in mid-air but right before it make a connection Fusokufuri just evaded it by tilting his head to the side; he then got two kunai's out then he stroke the opponent with two devastating slashes across the mid section then ending with a hammer kick in the head that made him go unconscious as well as landing on the ground face first with a dent. He simply sad on the ninja plainly mocking the other ninja's but the ninja's plainly didn't see any emotions in his face/eyes. The second ninja this time used water attribute as he summoned a giant water snake; however Fusokufuri just sat there staring at him. The ninja got more irritated at him that he sent his water snake fast at Fusokufuri but he just stood there and took the attack; it did hurt him a little but Fusokufuri in fact also had the attribute of earth; water's greatest weakness and also resistant to it. He also thought that this would greatly help him with his endurance in mind. He then started off slowly walked towards the opponent but the opponent started to step back a little; Fusokufuri liked that; so then he rushed towards the ninja; all the ninja could do was summon a giant water dragon which went straight towards Fusokufuri; however he simply got the kunai then he transferred his earth element into it; he simply rushed towards the dragon which was in front of the ninja then he waited for the right time then slashed the dragon across the face making the dragon go flying off then eventually turn into nothing more than a puddle of water. Fusokufuri ran towards the second ninja this time not toying with him in lightning speed behind him then he hammered kicked the second ninja as well the same way making a dent on the ground. He looked at the last ninja in the eyes with no emotions; the ninja didn't like that; he then made a bitter face; he knew those faces; it was those faces that looked like they were about to kill you' however Fusokufuri wasn't afraid of him or anyone. Fusokufuri felt sorry for the last ninja and all of the other four ninja's because they were nothing more than test subjects to him and yet they weren't even a challenge. The last ninja looked a bit tough than the others though; also he seems the thinker type as he hasn't moved muscle since I fought the rest; he might be a challenge for me. He suddenly had a chakra pills; Fusokufuri was now confused; he didn't realised what was going on; suddenly the ninja just appeared in front of him; Fusokufuri startled a little but got his mind back straight then as a natural reflex punched the opponent fast as lightning but the ninja vanished in thin air. Fusokufuri was now felt like loosing his mind; he didn't know what to do. He then suddenly got punches out of no where; he then got kicked with an impact that made him fly a bit back away. He didn't know how to think right in this situation as this was confusing him a huge amount which didn't make him keep his cool. Suddenly he heard lightning sparks; he turned around his head but even he knew it was too late to dodge the lightning attack now; he ninja knew his weakness to lightning; he seemed like a threatening opponent; it seemed this was one opponent he had to end the life of or he would cause further more trouble. Fusokufuri fell to the ground; however unlike in the graduation test he did not go unconscious.
??? Ninja: Hahahaha! Interesting. Never saw such a young person that had already mastered two different elements. Seems you used that fire barrier to block my lightning attack by a bit saving your life I guess. Very Amusing.
Fusokufuri: Don't think I'm weak you idiot didn't you see that your other companions are unconscious cause of me.
??? Ninja: Hahahaha! You further amuse me with you silly talk; do you really think I care about them? I'm on a completely different scale than them as you can see.
Fusokufuri: I know I think I notice that but don't you even think your an equal to me
??? Ninja: Hahahaha! As I said your silly talk won't get you anyway; prove yourself worthy of my full power.
Fusokufuri knew that I had a very slim chance of winning as he didn't know what was going on. What would Sensei have done if it was him he thought. His Sensei spoke to him; Don't just call me out of nowhere I was kind of busy you know; Hahahaha. Fusokufuri now talked to him; Is that really you Sensei? His Sensei said; Yes it's me; I am deep inside your body as my soul as still there when we had used the Body Absorption Technique you see. Now listen carefully this person is using Genjutsu; he is playing with your mind; showing you images you wouldn't dream of seeing; everything you see would most likely be an illusion. Now this is what you do........ Also remember not to show emotions as they hold you back in a actually fight; also I'm tired of your awkward smiling out of nowhere; Hahahaha I'm just kidding with you; now go kick his butt! Fusokufuri closed his eyes and did a hand sign. RELEASE Fusokufuri opened his eyes to see the ninja try to take another chakra pill however he dashed towards him but this time it felt awkward for the first time; he felt more relaxed; he felt more lighter; what was it? However it didn't matter to him right now. He went behind he opponent faster than lightning; he opponent turned around to kick him but was instantly faced with a fist in this face that made him fly metres away. But this wasn't enough he need to end his life! His Sensei spoke to him; No Fusokufuri this isn't the reason why I took the Evil out of you; remember the goal you need to had a heart with absolutely no evil desires; don't let anything temp you. Fusokufuri felt he had a greater speed and strength; he definitely felt a difference as just now the last ninja couldn't even keep up with him; he couldn't even get enough time to face towards him. He felt proud of two of his achievements. He suddenly disappeared to nowhere.

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