Not Enough Sand!

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Not Enough Sand!

Post  Sentó on Sat Jun 19, 2010 2:04 pm

Travelling all the way to the Wind Country to train in extreme Conditions sento Finally arrives. Creating a shadow clone both ninja put there thick wolly tops on. time to work on my stamina. Both Sentos begin to through punches blocking them like they not whats going to happen. Sento goes for a sweeping kick and the clone jumps and throws shurikens. sento jumps back and charges with incredible speed uppercutting the clone in the jaw. the clone then throws a counter puch in sentos abdomin and kicks Sento back. DAMN this heat and these clothing are slowing me down
sento focuses his chakra into his legs and they become as light as a feather. sento begins to move at incredible speed, moving in zig zags as if he was a pinball. sento then tries again and sweeps the clone off the floor this time to fast to block the clones guard is down and before hitting the floor sento kick the clone in the stomach sending him flying back.

the clone vainshes and sento shouts is not enough he picks up some sand and it gives him an idea. CLONE JUTSU 100 CLONES using up all of his chakra sento begins to fight all of the clone kicking 5 in a clean combo before getting grabbed by a clone. all attacks come from everwhere and with amazing speed sento throws the clone into two clones standing next to each other. he then dives foward and kick one clone into the sky before pivoting and puching the clone behind him


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