Training with a brat...I mean...amateur

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Training with a brat...I mean...amateur

Post  Noriko on Fri Jun 18, 2010 10:30 pm

((OOC: I'm not sure if I'm doing the right thing. If this shouldn't be posted here or I'm not allowed to do this mission or something just tell me. Smile))

Noriko glared at the kid in front of her, standing next to his father. He was already on her dislike list for being almost as tall as her. She didn’t pay much attention as the older civilian explained the mission while gushing about how excellent his son is and how he knew he was going to make him proud. Noriko had read the mission statement already and was peeved off (surprise surprise) that her first mission had to be so dull. She couldn’t even hit the boy because the mission specified that the boy was not to be harmed.

“So I think that is about it.” The old man finally finished, turning to his son. “Are you ready?” The boy gave his father a large, reassuring smile and nodded. As his father walked away so that he could watch without interfering with the mission he looked at his to-be teacher expectantly.

“Okay!” Noriko said, probably a little too loudly. “I guess we can begin with some kunai throwing and then see where to go from there. From now on you will call me Noriko-sensei!” Noriko liked the sound of that. It seemed to roll of the tongue. Yeah, she could get used to being called that.

“Noriko-sensei?” The boy laughed, his expression suddenly turning wicked. “There’s no way I’m calling you that.” Noriko watched in near disbelief as the boy strode confidently to the small pile of kunai next to a nearby target. “Now hurry up and show me how to do this or I’ll tell my dad to fail your mission.”

Noriko almost hit him. She was so close but then the boy mentioned the mission and she was suddenly reminded of the man watching everything from a bench 15 metres away. Out of ear shot but able to see everything and of the impression that his son is gods’ gift on earth. Gritting her teeth and clenching her fists, Noriko reluctantly followed the obnoxious child. This was a mission, her first mission, and she was a ninja. She could handle one kid.

“Okay, how about you show me how your aim is first and then I’ll correct you. The target is only 3 metres away so it shouldn’t be too late.” She said, proud at how level her voice was. She handed the kid one of the kunai then stepped back, watching as the boy threw the piece of metal (wrong) and it land just short of the target. Shaking her head slightly she picked up a kunai for herself.

“Here, how about I show you first then you can see what you’re supposed to do.” It was an easy shot. It was the sort of targets that were used in the first year at the academy. Still, she was there to teach so she couldn’t do anything fancy. She got into a comfortable stance and took aim. Just as she was throwing the kunai however, she felt a hard smack on the back of her head. Losing balance slightly and breaking eye contact with the target at a crucial point, Noriko watched as the kunai went flying a good metre left of the target. Silently she turned to the obvious culprit.

“There was a bee on your head.” The boy smiled calmly. Noriko clenched her teeth. “I didn’t see any bee.” She growled, glaring at the kid. “Of course you didn’t.” The boy replied, a smile still plastered on his face. “It was a ninja bee.”

Mustn’t punch client. Mustn’t punch client. Mustn’t mutilate client. Mustn’t rip the smug smile off of client and feed it to the Inuzuka’s dogs. As Noriko quietly repeated this mantra she was vaguely aware of the brat speaking. “I’m sick of this now. I’m already better at this than you. Who wants to throw pointy things at a log anyway. Teach me something actually good.”

Not trusting herself to speak, Noriko silently lead the brat to a cushioned practice dummy. “Punch.” She spat pointing at the dummy. “Why would I want to punch a scarecrow?” The boy asked incredulously. “JUST PUNCH THE GORRAM THING!” Noriko roared, satisfied when the boy jumped slightly. The effect was short lived however as the boy sighed heavily and grudgingly started punching the dummy. Noriko could tell straight away that the kid was untrained, even though that was obvious from the mission description.
“Stop, you’re doing it wrong.” Noriko said with much satisfaction. “Firstly, you’re holding your thumbs on the sides of his fists instead of tucked underneath. You can break your thumb doing that (though the kid probably deserved it). Also, you’re not moving your hips at all. They’re supposed to move with your punch, getting power from your whole body instead of just your shoulders. Here, I’ll show you.”

Okay, so maybe she wanted an excuse to punch something. This way she could get rid of her anger while still doing her mission. Was win win really. Too bad...

“Well, I guess everyone has to be good at something.” The boy said grudgingly. “But you still punch like a girl.” The boy grinned again. “Seaweed.”

Noriko couldn’t help it. It was a reflex reaction. Maybe if she wasn’t in the middle of punching the practice dummy she would have been able to control herself. She didn’t know. All she knew was the next second the kid was on the ground, blood pouring out of his broken nose. And of course, the kick she made to his stomach was entirely reflex as well *cough*. Suddenly remembering her mission, Noriko quickly looked across at the boys father, who was already making his way towards them. Well...bugger.

The kid quickly got to his feet and hid behind his father who towered over the small ninja. Noriko looked down sullenly. She was not intimidated by the civilian in front of her, but knew what was coming.

“Thank you.” The man said. Okay...not what she expected. Noriko looked up at the large man before her, vaguely noticing that the brat was looking at his father in confusion also. It took a second before she was able to answer with anything even slightly intelligible.


“Natsu has been claiming to want to be a ninja for almost a year now and I know for a fact that he is not cut out for it. I was hoping meeting an actual ninja would knock some sense into him. Though I didn’t quite have that in the literal sense in mind, it seemed to have done the trick.” He lowered his voice to a whisper, as if other people would be listening in. “And to tell the truth, he probably deserved a punch in the face.”

Noriko was still in a state of shock, partially because the boy actually had a name. Finally gaining some composure she asked the first question that came to her mind. “Does that mean I can hit him some more?”

The man laughed slightly. “I wanted you to traumatise him, not kill him.” He looked at his son who was quivering in fear, blood still flowing steadily from his nose. “And I think you succeeded at that. Congratulations on your first mission.”

((OOC: Wow. I think this is the longest thing I've ever ever written...but I had some free time and it was SO much fun to write. If only I could write essays this long. I know my posts will be no where near this long normally, especially when interacting with other characters. Hope I did it right...))

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Re: Training with a brat...I mean...amateur

Post  Guest on Sat Jun 19, 2010 4:47 am

'Mustn’t punch client. Mustn’t punch client. Mustn’t mutilate client. Mustn’t rip the smug smile off of client and feed it to the Inuzuka’s dogs.'

My FAVOURITE line from any RP on this site so far XD

This was great fun to read Razz And stop worrying about the legnth XD Think of words like... Erm.... People. The more the merrier XD


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