Norikos graduation....OF DOOM!

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Norikos graduation....OF DOOM!

Post  Noriko on Thu Jun 17, 2010 10:54 pm

Noriko was pissed. Though this was far from a rare occurrence, Noriko sincerely believed that this time her anger was justified. Seriously, what sort of ninja test was held INSIDE?!? What kind of stupid, dimwitted...stupid person thought up such a ridiculous setting for a graduation test? Norikos’ hands clenched in anger for probably the 12th time in 3 minutes at the thought of it. And she had even gone to the effort of asking the instructor politely if they could maybe possibly sort of let her do her test outside. Their response? ”A ninja should be prepared for any situation in any environment.” Which was obviously code for ”Suck it up.”

“Noriko Yamauchi, it’s your turn.”

Many of the soon-to-be genin shivered at the waves of killing intent emanating off of the small girl as she glared down her sensei in an impromptu staring contest. After a few seconds the instructor looked down, coughing slightly as he gestured for Noriko to follow him into the examination room. Her mood slightly lightening after winning the obvious display of dominance (even though the chuunin only gave up because he knew she would last hours before admitting defeat), Noriko followed the instructor, grumbling loudly as she went.

“What am I supposed to do now?” Noriko asked vehemently as soon as her sensei had taken his seat next to another she did not know. Obviously used to this sort of attitude, her sensei just sighed as the other began to speak.

“Just show us your best technique.” He said helpfully, missing the frantic wide eyes and hand motions of his fellow instructor. It was too late. The damage was done.

“HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO SHOW ME MY BEST TECHNIQUE!?!” Noriko screamed, eyes ignited in fury, her fist hitting the closest thing it could find which thankfully this time was inanimate. “Look at the ground! What do you see? CARPET!!! How am I supposed to use my Earth techniques ON CARPET!?! And under the carpet in concrete! Even my older brother wouldn’t be able to move that and he’s almost chunin!” Running out of things to scream about but still wanting to scream, Noriko made an unintelligible noise as she continued to punch the object which she only just realised was a practice dummy before ripping its head off and throwing it at the instructors. Realising that flying projectiles also seemed to alleviate her anger slightly grabbed 2 kunai from her weapons pouch and threw them at her instructors also who, if they hadn’t of dodged (they’re chuunin after all), would have been hit right in the forehead. Even so the satisfying thunk as the kunai hit the wall behind them helped greatly in calming her down. Taking a deep breath, Noriko glared back at the instructors, still shaking slightly. “So what am I supposed to do.”

“Well,” her regular sensei replied, the unfamiliar one obviously deciding that staying under the table was a much safer option. “You’ve showed us your physical strength as well as your aim so just need to show that you can actually use chakra. A henge should do.”

Slightly shell shocked and guessing that the instructor just wanted to get her out of the room as soon as possible before she could do more damage, Noriko grudgingly complied, transforming into a (almost) perfect replica of one of her brothers before releasing the jutsu and storming out of the room, almost forgetting to slam the door. If she graduated she’d find out somehow.

((Aww man! I did not mean to make this so long. I’m sorry! I used to be in a Harry Potter RPG where it got to the point where all the posts were at least a word page long and was really inactive because it took days to finish one post. I came here because I was sick of writing so much but I can’t seem to get out of that mind set...I’m trying...))


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Re: Norikos graduation....OF DOOM!

Post  Guest on Fri Jun 18, 2010 1:03 am

XD Lol, aproved. I don't have anything against grading big posts :\


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