Elemental Dawn

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Elemental Dawn

Post  Shikei on Thu Jun 03, 2010 12:03 pm

Long ago, the earth was a stable planet, and there werent many inhabitants at this point, but as time went past, something was closing in. Meteors were heading towards earth, but these werent ordinary meteors. After 3 years, these meteors crashed to earth, sending shockwaves throughout the world, and soon settling. Weirdly the meteors didnt do major damage, but something special was already happening. From these meteors, radiation seeped into the ground, and layed dormant for a long time in the earth.

2010, A modernised world, and nothing was exactly normal. The radiation was escaping from the ground, but not strongly. A small amount of people were effected with this radiation, and they didnt die. Instead they were bathed in special powers and every person had different ones. Fire, ice illusionary, many different powers were obtained from this radiation, but some people didnt use this for good. Now, evil power users roam the world searching for these powers hoping to gain them or put them on their side. So now its time that they need to be stopped, Elemental users rise, and stop the evil in the world.

Its time for you to gain the power of the elementai!


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