Competition - Read nao!

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Competition - Read nao!

Post  Shikei on Sat Jun 12, 2010 3:20 pm

Well, i guess i better add a bit more exitement to the RP i guess, but anyway, i guess i better tell the details. Mysteriously, at any time, a competition could pop up, and provide you with a question, or a statement you should provide. It could be the best personality, or funniest line or even something to do with abilities. The prize is a 15 inch flat screen tv! No, just forget i said that, the prizes could be from Jutsus, to complete a mission with your team or solo with your sensei on a mission a rank higher than yours.

This is the first competition, so here is the entry:

Coolest/Best Custom Jutsu

This is basically you pm me (Shikei) a jutsu using the Jutsu application template, but not a cannon jutsu or jutsu you have already made. The best 3 Jutsu will be hand picked by the Admins on this site and then everyone will get to vote for them, so you wont wont whos Jutsu you will be voting for, unless its yours. Whoever wins will be able to own this jutsu they created.

Any questions, ask on the help section of the forum. This event will run for 3 days and then the results will be picked and posted for voting.


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