The Hidden Mission - A help at hand

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The Hidden Mission - A help at hand

Post  Shikei on Sat Jun 12, 2010 2:45 pm

Shikei was doing his daily walk around the village, and his legs were starting to ache badly.
"Ah, this is turning out to be such a drag, i might just go home and go to bed, that way i wont be bored and the day can just whisper away..."
"I tell you whats a drag kid, this building work me and all my friends are having trouble with, it would be a great pleasure if you could come help us abit with the work, it can be quite a mission..."

Shikei knew he had no choice, but in a sense, he wanted to help with this task as it was helping the village. Well, i know this will be a pain, but i guess theres no harm in helping.
"Sure, ill help you out, just tell me the instructions and ill get right to it"

The builder pointed at some bricks, and told him to bring them over to him, and he done as he was told, and brung a pile of bricks over. They were quite heavy, but it was managable for Shikei. For a while he was going round holding planks of wood, bringing bricks over, and also lifting bigger bricks to be fixed into slots, but finally, it was done.
"Ok, thats everything done, its been great helping you!"

The builder then vanished into a big cloud, and then Shikei saw Shinato standing there.
"Well done Shikei, that was actually a secret mission i set you, just to see if you were the kind hearted kid i thought you were, and i was also helping these guys aswell, so its good work for both of us..."

"Sensei...Do you like putting me in missions or something, but anyway, it was actually quite fun, and we got an official mission done, so i guess thats it for a days work!"

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